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gearbox general guidance(1/2)
Jul 17, 2018

总则general guidance


Safety instructionfor handing, installation, operation, maintenance and inspection, must be carried out by the persons with specialized knowledge and skills, otherwise might cause personnel injury or equipment damage because of improper disposal.


General rules:Customer is responsible for providing the protective measures and installing the gearbox in the correct wayPlease read this manual before installing gearboxOnly under the condition of strictly abiding by the rules of manual instruction can ensure its working characteristics and maybe consider about the warranty and claim for compensation


1.1 装运条件:shipment conditions

1.1.1  齿轮箱应进行可靠的固定

The gear unit must be fastened tightly

1.1.2 采取防风,防雨,防潮措施

Anti-wind,anti-rain,and anti-moist protection must be adopted。

1.1.3 通常所有齿轮箱出厂时,均未加注润滑油。

Usually lubricating oil is not added for all the gearbox when delivery in factory

1.2收货检查:receiving inspection


Confirm receipt information whether conform to the order.


Take care when opening the packing. Prevent personnel injury due to unidentified object dropt


Do not remove the nameplate



The gear unit shall be kept in accordance with the following considerations:


Gearbox should not be stored in the places where violent vibration in order to avoid damage to the gear unit


Usually gearbox in indoor storage period should not be more than a yearand during storage gearbox air plug should be replaced into a sealing plug.


External rust protectionthe gear unit has been painted with rust preventative oil before deliveryThe anti-rust status must be inspected in 6 months after deliveryit should be painted again if necessary


Internal rust protectionthe rust-proof life is 6 monthsStorage conditionno moistureno dustsmall temperature changeno corrosive gas environmentsuch as general warehousing indoor in the factory or warehouse


In a long storage periodin order to protect the bearingsturn the gear unit by hand at least once in every month.




Affected by the temperature, ultraviolet radiation and other factors, the seals are easily aging and metamorphosing. Thus, before restart up the gear unit after long time storage, seals should be inspected, and should be changes in time if aging, deterioration be found.

When restarting up the gear unit, please check whether there is abnormal noise, vibration, or heating. If a brake is attached, please check it, and if there is any abnormal phenomenon, please contact us.

1.4使用环境environment conditions


Gearbox normal ambient temperture is -10°C~50°C,ambient humidity is ≤80% outside the normal range, please consult the company.


The working environment should be no dustand air exchange placeno corrosive gasexplosive gas or vapor


Gearbox input speed is generally not more than 1500r/min;gears peripheral speed is not more than 20m/s.



2.1 安装前检查的注意事项precautions for pre-installation check

2.1.1 成品的型号,规格是否正确

Whether the type and specification of product is correct


Whether the partsaccessories and attached documents are complete


Whether there is damage or corrosion caused by transportation or storage

2.2 安装通则 installation general

2.2.1 传动装置周围不要放置可燃物,或堆放影响通风的障碍物,否则可能引起火灾

Do not place any combustible material or any combustibles near the driving device to affact the ventilation around the gear unitotherwisemay cause a fire


Inspect whether the installation position is correct, there are three installation position of gear unit:upside, middle and downside position.


Carefully remove the anti-rust oil on the shaft and flange surface with common solventattentionsolvent is inaccessible to the oil seal's seling edge,otherwise may damage the seal.

2.2.4 对长期储存未用的齿轮箱,在启用时,应仔细检查齿轮是否生锈,相关外设零件是否完好,严格按产品铭牌所标示油号加油。

Before using the long-term stored gearbox you should carefully check whether the gears are rusty and related peripherals parts are intact. Please refuel the oil with the oil No. in strict accordance with the product nameplate marked.


The gear unit must be installed on rigidflatno-vibration and solid baseAs mounting the foot margin the three foot holes can be arbitrarily fixed with bolts. Through adjusting the forth foot margin to fix the thickness of the gasket. After the installation, please ensure the degress of parallelism between the foot margin and platform is ≤0.2mm


During the entire installation process, the use of hammers and other percussion pulleys, couplings, sprockets, machine shafts are prohibited, shall not use force when assembling screw and barrel. otherwiseit will damage the bearings, housing, screw and other components.


2.3找正 alignment


The fixing of gear unit's input shaft and motor and the fixing of gear unit't output shaft and the rotors of the mixer, must accord with request of nether form. The idiographic fixing method sees nether drawing. Good installing accuracy can not only advance circulating efficacy, but also prolong service life of equipments. Adopting nether  drawing metheds can reduce cumulative error because of lower precision of input coupling and output coupling.

2.3.1齿轮箱与主电机找正 align the gear unit with the motor


The shaft of which connects the gear unit and the main motor rotate should be concentric with the shaft of motor. For this requirement, the radial and axial run out should be measured with special measuring device. See the detail in the drawing as follows:











2.3.2齿轮箱与螺杆机筒主机的安装与找正installation and alignment of the single screw extruder to the gear unit


Confirm the rotation direction before connecting to the single screw extruder.ohterwise, it may cause machine damage. Avoid bringing impact force of too much load to the shaft when installing the single screw extruder. Otherwise, it may cause broken of bearing or seal. Installing of the single screw extruder and gear unit must be correct and detailed. Using core rod to inspect the coaxiality of the positioning inner hole on the low speed hollow shaft and the step hole of the thrust bearing. The radial runout should be less than 0.15mm, while the surface runout should not exceed 0.1mm.

2.4安装步骤 steps to install


Draw vertical lines on the surface of input and output shaft, then punch holes in the along axes.


Place the gear unit, and make sure the vertical lines on the input and output shaft are coincident with the axial centering line of the foundation.


Using gradienter emendates leveling on the level seat of gear unit, the leveling error should less than ±0.04mm/m. blocks or shims can be filled between bottom surface of the housing and foundation surface to help aligning. The number of blocks should not exceed three in height. Blocks should be lined symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolts to avoid deformation of the housing.


After aligningthe input shaft and the motor's shaft should be strictly centered, as same as the hollow shaft and screw bush. The axiality of both axial and radial directions must meet the designing requirments. Good aligning will make smooth running of equipment, and the power consumption will be less.


Be sure there is no movement of the gearbox during fastening all foundation bolts. A dial indicator should be used during this process. First, fix a dial indicator on the installing foundation, then inspect whether the probe moves while fastening bolts, if it moves, that means the foundation is not plane enough or the blocks are not proper, and alignment should be carried out for another time.


Install the protective covers of lubrication station and coupling and other apparatuses. Connect pipes according to the demand on cooling water. Ensure the pipe doesn't appear leakage in the process of equipment operation. The protective cover of the coupling should be installed according to relevant standards in site.



Screw extruder operating condition is complex reliable current overload protection can be set up in the electrical control system to ensure the motor current does not exceed the rated current and to protect the gear box and other parts will not be damaged due to overloaded.


启动与维护 operation and maintenance

3.1 润滑 lubrication

3.1.1 齿轮箱内的齿轮和轴承润滑,一般采用浸油润滑,飞溅润滑及强制润滑方式。

Gear and bearing lubrication generally use immersion oil lubrication, splash lubrication and forced lubrication.

3.1.2润滑油标准:当环境温度低于30°C时,使用中级压工业齿轮油ISO VG220(或L-CKC220);当环境温度高于30°C时,使用重极压工业齿轮油ISO VG320.

Lubrication criteriawhen the ambient temperature is below 30°Cuse extreme pressure industrial gear oil ISO VG220; when the ambient temperature is above 30°Cuse extreme pressure industrial gear oil ISO VG320.


The lubrication oil has been discharged from the gear unit before delivery, so recommended lube must be filled before operation, and the oil should be immitted until reach the middle scale line of the oil gauge. The oil level should be checked regularly, under any circumstances, should ensure that there is oil in the oil immersion visible.

3.2 换油 oil change

3.2.1 新齿轮箱使用500小时,应进行首次换油保养。以后每3000小时换油一次。或者当工作中发现油温大于75°C时必须停车检查,检修并更换新油。更换新油前应切断传动装置电源,防止无意间通电!润滑油应在齿轮箱停机后,杂质尚未沉淀时抓紧排放,但需防止润滑油烫伤危险!放油完毕后,箱体内需用同类型的油冲洗干净后加住新油,若因油粘度高不宜冲洗,可先加热或使用粘度相对较低的同类型润滑油冲洗。建议换油后对油路,过滤器进行清洗。加油时应使用过滤网或滤网。

New gearbox runs 500 hours, the first oil change should be carried out. After that, the oil change should be done once every 3000 hours. When oil temperature >75°C during running, must stop and check, repair and replace with new oil. Replace with new gear oil should be cut off the power firstly to prevent inadvertently energized! Gearbox oil should be let out immediately after shutting down the gearbox and in the condition of the oil sediment has not been settled. Pay attention to prevent the danger of scalding oil! After the oil being let out, cabinets need to use the same type of oil to rinse before filling the new oil. Due to the hige oil viscosity and cannot be rinse, then can be heated firstly or use same type of relativelt low viscosity lubricant to rinse.It is suggested to clean the oil piping and filters after charging oil. Filter or filter mesh should be used when fill in oil.


3.3通气 ventilation


The entire gearbox with a ventilation cap was to prevent the internal pressure rise damaging the seal. Regularly inspect the ventilation cap is in the normal state can effectively prevent the gearbox oil leakage.



3.4.1 当齿轮停止运行时,将普通过滤器盖子打开,把滤网拿出来,用煤油将滤网上的杂质清洗干净。若顾客选用TF型自封式吸油过滤器,将盖子拆下来取出滤网,用煤油将滤网上的杂质清洗干净即可。

When the gearbox stops running, open the ordinary filter lid, take out the filter, clean the impurities with kerosene in the filter. If customers choose TF-type self-styled oil filter, remove the red cover to take out the filter, clean the impurities on the filter with kerosene.


3.5 启动前准备 preparation before start-up


Check the security control and automatic protection system.


Check the oil level, if the oil is less than required, refill to normal level.


Check whether all the instrument & gauges, controlling apparatus and switches have been installed completely, and whether these devices have been assembled firmly and can realize normal functions. Check the insulation of outlet lines of electric components.


Check the fastness of all fastenings including bolts and nuts.


Check the direction of rotation, especially, the gearbox direction of rotation with installation of the backstop, the rotating direction of the gearbox output shaft is generally facing the output shaft, clockwise operation.


Gear pump is working properly, the gear pump minimum operating speed is 300rpm.


Check the oil supply and oil return of gears and bearings through observation hole in the housing cover. If there is any oil pipe blocked or any oil nozzle misoriented, such pipes should be cleaned, and nozzle should be adjusted timely. Normally, all piping adjustmengt has been finished before the gear unit is delivered and no more adjustment is to be executed by the customer.


3.6 噪声 noise


Forced lubrication gearbox is carrying gear pumps. On the initial stage of the running, it may has excessive noise maybe because of the oil viscosity is too high and the oil shortage caused by the increasing gear pump resistance. This phenomenon will automatically go away generally after the lubricating oil temperature increases. In the normal operation, if the gear pumps noise increasing, generally due to the oil resistance is too large. Clean the filter in time and other related components. Connect us if any abnormal noise appears.

3.7运转 running



3.7.1 在任何情况下,齿轮箱应在空负荷状态下启动,严禁在加载状态下启动主电机。





3.8 冷却 cooling

3.8.1 为保证外置式冷却器正常工作,请用户必须使用软水,禁止使用氯离子含量高的沿海地下水,以免腐蚀冷却器;禁止直接使用地下硬质水源,以免管路结垢而导致冷却失效。

In order to ensure the normal operation of the external cooler, please make sure to use soft water. Prohibiting using coastal groundwater with chlorine ion directly, in order to avoid corrosion of cooler. Prohibiting using underground hard water directly to avoid cooling failure caused by pipe scaling.


3.9维护 maintenance


48 hours after the first start-up, all piping and fastening pieces should be checked for loosening. Alignment of axes should also be inspected. Such check and inspection should be repeated regularly.


Clean the filter elements inside filters one week after the first start-up. Clean them every month in future operation. Clean the vent covers on the gear unit every 6 months.






Regular inspections are recommended as follows:

Every day: check for oil leakage, abnormal vibration, noise, inlet & outlet oil temperature and bearing temperatures.

Every week: check whether the oil filter are clean and unblocked.

Every month: check whether the ground bolts loosen, verify the oil level and refill oil when it is too low; inspect the working conditions of all instruments and gauges.

Every six months: chemical analysis for oil quality. If the oil is still up to the standard, it is suggested to discharge it from the gear unit for depositing and filtering before being reused. If the oil has deteriorated, it is suggested to discharge the oil, clean the piping system and fill with new one.

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