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Precaution to the assembly of gear box
Nov 29, 2018

The gear boxes are machines with certain performance indicators to ensure correct relative position and mutual relationship. The quality of the gear box is closely related to the quality of the assembly.

The assembly process is a very complicated and meticulous work. Even if there are high-quality parts, if the assembly process is not proper, the mechanical performance will not be met, and the mechanical or personal accident will be caused. Therefore, the operation should be strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the assembly.

Preparation before assembly

1, Be familiar with the interconnection relationship of the various parts of the gearbox and assembly technical requirements;

2. Equipped with necessary equipment and instrument tools;

3. Parts should be inspected and identified before assembly, and unqualified parts must not be assembled.

The assembly process requirements

1. When assembling, pay attention to the assembly method and sequence. Pay attention to the use of suitable tools and equipment. If it is difficult to assemble, analyze the cause, eliminate the fault, and prohibit the knocking.

2. When assembling the interference fit parts, first apply the lubricant to facilitate assembly and reduce surface wear.

3. When assembling, check the installation marks of each part to prevent misassembly.

4. For certain assembly technical requirements, such as assembly clearance, interference (tightness), flexibility, meshing marks, etc., it should be inspected at the assembly side and adjusted at any time to avoid rework after assembly.

5. Every time the installation is completed, it must be carefully checked to prevent missing or unloaded parts. Prevent accidents by sealing tools and excess parts in the case.

According to the above requirements, the gear box should pay attention to the following aspects in the actual assembly:

1. Casting parts:

The processing parts such as the box body and the cover should avoid bumping and scratching during the handling process, and should be cleaned before assembly. There should be no iron filings and other debris, and the non-machined surface of the box and the cover should be painted to prevent rust. If the workpiece is not used for a long time, apply anti-rust oil.


The bearings need to be greased before assembly. After application, they should be placed in a cleanware to avoid dust and other debris. When assembling, hydraulic tools and special tools should be used for assembly. It is strictly forbidden to directly hit the bearing, otherwise it will affect the service life of the bearing or directly cause the bearing to be unusable.

3.shaft, gear

This type of parts must be tested for hardness and inspection geometry according to the drawings before assembly. Be careful not to have black skin or bumps in the seal seal position.

The gears are coated with gear oil on the surface of the gears, and the gap adjustment should be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements.

4.the seal ring

The sealing ring can be installed after the completion of the noise test after assembly (to avoid the noise failure adjustment and damage the sealing ring), the outer ring of the sealing ring and the matching position are coated with lubricating oil, and assembled with special tools to prevent the sealing ring from being formed during assembly. Deformation and scratching.

5.noise test

After the FCL is assembled, each gear box should be tested for noise according to the specified speed. It must be controlled within the specified decibels and recorded.

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