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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Operation Of The Extruder
Jul 17, 2018




Notify staff around equipment when preparing to drive.

At low speed starting, a motor is used to drive the screw to rotate, to check whether the oscillating of the main motor's working current meter pointer is normal. If there is abnormal sound of the equipment working or the screw running is not stable, it should stop immediately and find the relevant personnel to repair and solve it.

The screw is not allowed to exceed 3min by air transport. All normal molds are installed and the mould is fitted with bolts. A layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicone oil should be applied before use to facilitate disassembly.

At the beginning of the feeding production, the screw uses the minimum working speed, and the material should be less and even. At any time, there is no abnormal change in the swing of the working current meter pointer of the motor.

After the extruder is put into normal production, the operator should check the temperature changes of the bearing parts frequently. When examining the temperature of motor and bearing parts, gently contact the examination site with the back of the fingers. No rotating parts should be touched by hand when the equipment is running.

When removing and installing screws and moulds, it is not allowed to percussion parts directly with heavy hammers. If necessary, hardwood should be knocked down for demolition or installation.

When cleaning the screw, cylinder and mould residue, it must be cleaned with bamboo or copper knives and brushes. No steel tools should be used to scrape scraps or barbecue parts.

When extruder fails, the extruder is not allowed to start running. When the extruder screw is rotated and the die is adjusted, the operator is not allowed to face the outlet of the extruding cylinder so as to prevent accidents.

When the extruder is working, the operator is not allowed to leave the post. If he has to leave, the extruder should be stopped.

After dismantling the screw after parking, a layer of rust preventive oil should be applied after the residue is cleaned. If temporarily unused, it should be wrapped and hung vertically in the dry and ventilated place.

<span style=";color: rgb(102, 102, 102);font-family: "&font-size: 12px">12)   For a long time, the extruders and moulds that are not needed for production will be coated with antirust oil and seal the entry and exit ports to prevent foreign objects from entering.


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